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Our new 4 week, affordable mini-workshop, based on our award-winning book about relationship, will help you and your partner build the relationship you both long for. Once a month for 4 hours on a Saturday, they are designed to fit comfortably into your busy schedule. Check out the details and sign up now to make 2018 your most loving year as a couple yet!

Are you a couple who believes in the value of a committed relationship?

Do you feel that romantic partnership can be a journey that helps us grow beyond where we are able to grow on our own?

Well, you are in the right place, because so do we.

Hi, we are Tim Higdon LPC and Norene Gonsiewski LCSW, founders of Rock Solid Relationship Coaching and authors of Rock Solid Relationship: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last.

We think that you are incredibly fortunate to have a partner, because intimacy is something all of us long for. But sometimes we face challenges that are more than just bumps in the road on our relationship journey. These are more like road blocks that can cause relationships to stall, or even come to a screeching halt.

Reach Your Full Potential as Life Partners with Our
Relationship Counseling Services and Coaching Program

Perhaps, like everyone else, your relationship isn’t perfect. But one definition of a “perfect marriage” is two imperfect people refusing to give up on one another. So your partner may sometimes seem impossible or annoying – but truthfully we are all impossible and annoying at times, and we are all capable of improvement.Media attention and statistics show that couples are marrying less and that marriage no longer has the appeal it once did. Even so, we think something exciting is happening that is not fully understood.

We believe marriage and lifelong relationships are undergoing a wonderful transformation. We know that you want desperately to succeed at love. You know if you find the right resources, you can make your marriage feel like a million bucks.

The meaning and purpose of marriage and lifelong commitment is changing. People want lifelong relationships that are both secure and exciting. Couples have the opportunity to make their relationship their greatest adventure.

Never before have we had access to so much information about how to succeed at love – and WE know how to help you use that information to live the relationship of your dreams.

What is the Best Fit for My Relationship...Coaching or Counseling?

How Does a Relationship Coach Help?

Most couples do not need psychotherapy, so much as they need skills and encouragement. That’s where we come in. You may be facing some kind of struggle in your relationship that you are not sure how to solve. Perhaps you would like to take your relationship to the next level. No matter what you’re dealing with in your romantic partnership, relationship challenges are normal and can be fixed. As professional relationship coaches, we provide the support to get you the results you are looking for. Through our coaching programs, you will rub off some of those sharp edges that you continue to bump into. You will learn not to settle for boring and mundane. Instead you will design a life of passion and connection. We deeply believe that “Happily ever after” can be achieved, one day at a time.

Focus on a Positive, Happy Future

Our relationship coaching will assist you to the results you want quickly. And you can do this in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else on the planet via phone or Skype. So the really big question is: “Are You Ready”?

This is a big decision and many couples believe it’s beyond reach. Join our family of thriving, successful couples who have found it is definitely within reach. Your relationship can be better than you imagined!

The Next Steps toward a Rock Solid Relationship

Plan of Action: