A Bend Marriage Coach Explains How Sleep Impacts Your Marital Mindset

September 23, 2016 by

How many hours of sleep are you getting? How is that number affecting your relationship?

We all know that sleep is good for overall mental and physical health. But did you know it’s also good for your relationship?

Reach out to our Bend marriage coach office today and we can not only tell you why, but offer tips on how to sleep better, as well as teach you other techniques you can use to stay connected.

Not completely sold on the power of sleep to benefit your relationship? Read on!

It’s kind of obvious if you think about it, but a recent study by researchers at Florida State University adds weight to this argument by showing that couples who get more sleep every night are more satisfied with their marriage.

In the survey, 68 newlywed couples recorded how many hours of sleep they got each night, then were asked to rate the satisfaction of their marriage every day on a scale from 1 to 7. They were asked to reflect on specific elements of their marriage like conflict resolution, housekeeping abilities, and the time that the couple spent together. The couples who got more sleep were reportedly more satisfied with their marriage.

Specifically, the researchers looked at how sleep and satisfaction work together through self-regulation and self-control. If you get more sleep, you have more energy to perform self-regulation and self-control. If you have more self-control, it is easier for you to reflect on your relationship and look at it in a positive light.

But you probably don’t need research and surveys telling you how beneficial sleep is for your marriage – you can likely see the difference every day in your own life. You know how you feel after a good night’s sleep versus a night of tossing and turning. And how that tossing and turning can make you crankier and less happy with everything.

Other Ways Sleep Benefits Your Relationship

Getting enough sleep also helps your relationship (and your overall quality of life) long-term.

For example, when you get more sleep, your physical health is positively affected. Feeling and looking great will help boost your self-confidence, which is a key element to maintaining a good relationship.

Researchers at Harvard have also found that getting more sleep will help spur creativity. And after so many years of marriage, a little creativity always helps to spice up your relationship or find new ways to fall in love.

Have a lot of stress from work, finances, or your kids? Sleep it off! Sleep helps to decrease overall stress levels, which will allow you to move forward in conflict resolution and everyday life with a clearer mind and a calmer disposition.

So the next time your partner gives you a rough time for hitting the snooze button too hard, let him or her know that you’re just doing it to improve your relationship!

Talk to a Bend marriage coach today to get help with this and other issues that you would like to work on in your relationship to make it the best it can be!