A Bend Marriage Coach Offers 5 Ideas for a Date Night in Your Empty Nest

The kids have moved out and you have the house to yourselves. It’s great – until it’s not – and you and your spouse are both dealing with a bit of empty nest syndrome.

We’ve written a lot before about how it can help to just get out and do something – take a vacation, meet up with friends, take a class, indulge in romantic nights out to reignite the flame in your marriage.

And these are all good things to try. But they can also become expensive if you’re doing them all the time. And even though your own bills may have gone down with the kids out of the house, we’re going to bet that at least some of your money is still going to help them out.

Maybe you’re paying for college. Or supplementing rent. Or they just hit you up every once in a while when they overextend themselves.

The point is, just because your kids aren’t living with you anymore doesn’t mean you aren’t paying. So finding some cheap fun can be a good idea.

But your relationship should still be a priority, so we decided to suggest a few ideas for an indoor date night to make your empty nest a love nest!

Walk Down Memory Lane. Empty nesters often feel lonely without their children, which is understandable. Surprise your spouse by digging up old videos and photo albums and taking a walk down memory lane for an evening. It will be a wonderful way to remember the great times of growing with your spouse and being a parent.

Offer to Babysit. Relive parenthood all over again! Offer to babysit a friend or neighbor’s kids while they have a date night. You and your spouse can have a fun night in helping out a friend and enjoying the fun of a little one. The best part – at the end of the night, you and the kids go separate ways, which is the best kind of “parenthood”!

DIY Spa Day. Get a massage without the price of a massage. Have a spa day (or evening) inside. Light candles, break out the massage oils, and take the time to treat each other to relaxing, intimate massages. This is one of the best date ideas to bring back some fire in the bedroom!

Make a Home-Cooked Meal – Together! Spend a night cooking up a new recipe for two. Make an event out of your dinner. You can bring out the fancy silverware and the centerpieces, or have a picnic in your backyard (set up on the floor during bad weather!).

Couple Book Club. Want to reconnect with some friends you haven’t seen since you had kids? Host a couples’ book club! Not only will you get the chance to reconnect with your spouse over a good book, it gives you a great reason to invite over some old friends and break open a glass of wine.

A renewed romance at home doesn’t end with date nights. Relationship and marriage coaches often provide educational tools and resources online that will help you and your spouse reconnect during this transition. For more information on how to refocus your marriage, contact a Bend marriage coach today.