A Bend Marriage Coach Offers Tips for an Empty Nester Holiday Season

December 9, 2016 by

Even after your kids move out, you probably expect to spend the holidays with them. After all, it’s the time of year for families to get together and celebrate their love and closeness.

Sometimes, though, travel arrangements may prevent your children from coming home for the holidays. Or you from visiting them. Maybe they just can’t get away from work. Or they have a family of their own and flights are just too expensive. Everyone has their own, individual reasons.

This can be really hard, especially if your family has specific holiday traditions that involve all of your children. But no matter what situation you find yourself in during the holiday season, you can still have a wonderful holiday and spread joy and cheer. Follow these tips to ensure that you spend your holidays feeling loved and excited for the year to come.

Volunteer: Have a lot of love to give this holiday season? Share it with your community. Throughout the holiday season, many organizations need volunteers to set up dinners or present exchanges. Sign up and you and your spouse will be able to get out of your empty nest and into the community to do some good.

Open Your Home: Even if your children will not be joining you for the holidays, you can still host a full house. After all, there are many children and adults alike who have nowhere to go for the holiday season. Take your volunteer efforts a step further and coordinate with a local shelter, church, or other organizations to offer your home for a holiday meal. You will be doing a great deed for people who are less unfortunate, and it’s a lot harder to feel lonely with a full house!

Be Present: No matter where in the world your children are, the holidays are a time to be joyous and thankful for the good things that have happened over the past year. But don’t disappear into your memories, worries, or even dreams for what may come. If you do, the holiday season will be over before you got to enjoy it. Take time to be present. If you are with your children, appreciate every moment you have with them. If you are with your spouse, appreciate the time you have to grow and strengthen your relationship.

For After the Holidays: Let’s say you’re lucky enough to host a big event for your children during the holidays. You may think you’re home free, but for many couples the loneliness of an empty nest hits even harder when children leave after the holidays are over. Be prepared for this period, and plan extra outings and events with your spouse to boost your spirits.

For more tips on how to have a wonderful holiday at any stage in your relationship or your life, contact a Bend marriage coach today.