Bend Couples Counseling Can Keep Anger from Destroying Your Marriage

August 17, 2011 by

Bend couples counseling may be an option you want to explore if you find that anger management issues are causing relationship problems. When I work with individuals on managing their anger, sometimes it isn’t as effective as dealing with it in couples therapy. The person with the problem might need to see the effect their anger is having on their spouse to truly appreciate how bad it is.

Uncontrolled anger leads to arguing and fighting and, at its worst, can cause abuse and assault. Obviously, these things are major relationship problems and could require significant Bend couples counseling. The first instinct in people who know they have anger management issues is to repress their feelings, but this only leads to a bigger blowup.

Learn to Express Your Anger in a Healthy Way through Bend Couples Counseling

When clients come to me with anger management issues, I talk about the positives anger can bring if it is well-managed. It can help you to deal with issues rather than avoid them, but only if you can keep your anger under control and express it properly. If you get into an argument and feel like you are on the verge of a blow-up, a strenuous physical activity like a run can help you calm down. It’s also useful to distract your mind with music, reading, or going for a walk. If you are experiencing relationship problems with a person who has anger issues, you need to be understanding of them when they ask for space.

Once you have calmed down, don’t let an argument go unresolved. This will only cause continuing relationship problems. Each side should try to express how they are feeling in a calm and controlled manner. You both need to feel safe to share your thoughts and opinions without fear of reprisal, but make sure you come to a resolution that both of you can be okay with.

Bend Couples Counseling Can Help

If you have tried these things and still experience difficulty in managing your anger, seek out Bend couples counseling with a therapist trained in dealing with anger management.