Bend Marriage Coach: Look at Current Resolutions before Making New Ones

December 29, 2016 by

New Year’s is a great holiday for sharing a kiss with your loved one when the ball drops, wearing your swankiest attire, and enjoying a glass of champagne. But that’s not what it’s most well-known for. No matter who you are, pretty much everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve by making a resolution for the New Year.

But before you move forward with your resolutions for 2017, take a look back at your resolutions from 2016. Did you achieve them?

Creating a goal or two for your career, health, or relationship is a great way to give yourself a focus for the upcoming months. But if you want to achieve those goals, you have to follow up and continuously check in on our progress.

Take some time at the end of the year to examine all the resolutions or goals you made throughout the year. If you can’t remember them, check your past Facebook posts or any journals you have written.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I follow through on my resolution throughout the year?
  • If yes, what worked? What kept me motivated? How can I celebrate this success? What resolutions/goals can I make to continue building on the success that I have achieved?
  • If no, where did I lose motivation? Was my resolution attainable in the first place? Is this still an appropriate resolution/goal for the future?
  • If your goal involved your relationship: How would my partner measure my success? What did they think worked/how were they able to support me while I worked toward my goals?

If you cannot remember any goals from the past year, or would like to start a clean slate with fresh eyes and fresh goals, make it an additional goal to keep yourself accountable for your progress and success throughout the year. When you are making your resolutions for the year, ask yourself the following:

  • How can I continue to remind myself of these goals throughout the year?
  • Are these goals attainable? When would I like to see these goals achieved?
  • How can I measure my success throughout the year? How will I celebrate my success?
  • How can I keep myself accountable for these goals? When is it appropriate to measure my progress?
  • Who will I communicate my goals to? How can my partner/spouse/loved ones keep me on track to achieving these goals?

The New Year is a traditional time to make these resolutions, but the most important thing to remember when making goals for 2017 is that even though you are heading into a new year, every day is an opportunity to start fresh in your life, your career, and your relationship. You can set individual goals, or you can set goals with your partner, at any time of the year.

For more advice on creating attainable and measurable goals for your relationship, contact a Bend relationship coach.