Bend Marriage Counseling announces Rock Solid Relationship Advanced Couples Workshop in Bend OR

January 27, 2014 by

Rock Solid Relationship has been developed by Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski to guide couples who want to build and maintain a loving lifetime relationship journey in marriage or committed partnership. If you have taken the tools to create lasting love Couples workshop or worked with an Imago Therapist you will want to take this workshop.  Many couples restore their connection over the tools to create lasting love weekend and then struggle to maintain their success. The Rock Solid Relationship Couples Workshop gives you structured dialogue processes that help couples build on and maintain that success.

This Bend Marriage Counselor has wanted to bring couples a workshop that addresses some of the common challenges couples typically face that aren’t fully addressed in the Getting The Love You Want Workshop. One area couples struggle with is how to repair their connection when they get reactive and their old defensive pattern emerges. In this workshop couples design their own 'do over' that can become their go-to repair strategy that get them back to connection.

Another part of the workshop will be to redesign the negative messages we tell ourselves about our partner which leads us to be defensive and reactive. The negativity between partners’ is often how they perceive each other’s behaviors and messages. This often stems from the messages they heard or perceived in childhood.

Our brain developed these messages to make sense of our experience. It holds the negative messages to protect us from pain. Avoiding an angry father was a protective strategy when you were young. It isn’t effective if you want connection with your sweetheart. Learning to uncover your unmet need and the message you prefer to hear, helps you move from negativity to safety and connection.

In another part of the Rock Solid Relationship workshop couples will learn to build and maintain their Couple Bubble. Stan Tatkin PhD, who wrote Wired for Love defines the Couple Bubble as “the mutually constructed membrane, cocoon, or womb that holds a couple together and protects each partner from outside elements.”  This is an exciting part of the workshop that helps couples understand what their relationship needs to feel safe and passionate.

Bend Oregon Marriage Counseling is proud to bring The Rock Solid Relationship Couples Workshop to Bend. This workshop will bring a deepening of your love and connection. It will give you the hands on dialogues to further your relationship growth as well as the know how to sustain your journey of lasting love. A perfect Valentines Day gift, don’t pass up the opportunity to attend this wonderful workshop in it’s only date in Bend this year—February 15-16. To register go to