Bend marriage counselor says: don’t let “fear” stop you from taking the Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop!

July 27, 2011 by

Over the years I’ve talked with many, many couples about the value of taking the Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop and I’ve heard all the reasons couples balk at attending. Most commonly I hear, “We can’t afford it right now” or the variation on that theme— “it’s too expensive” or “we will be out of town that weekend”. But, I’ve always secretly assumed that at the bottom of most of these reasons is that couples believe their “dirty laundry” will be aired and they will be embarrassed.

So, when Tim Atkinson, executive director of Imago Relationships International, recently came out with a survey compiled from couples viewing the Getting The Love You Want website, I was amazed to discover a road-block I had never heard or thought of before. The number one reason couples listed for not attending the workshop was that they were afraid they would discover their relationship couldn’t be fixed! I have heard one or both partners say they are “done” and not interested in a workshop or working on their relationship, but have never heard a couple put quite this slant on the issue. The couples surveyed are saying they are afraid that the workshop will drudge up buried issues, more or worse problems, or bring to light that they really aren’t right for each other.

Bend, Oregon marriage counselor says: the Getting The Love you Want Couples Workshop gives couples the skills education and insights necessary to create dynamic, living and loving relationships that makes them feel satisfied, joyful and engaged

So why would couples be fearful of discovering their relationship can’t be fixed? One major reason may be they have been struggling for so long they can’t imagine achieving success in their relationship. Another reason may be that they have come to a “truce” and don’t want to “rock the boat” because things will get worse. These are valid fears! So how can these couples overcome their fears?

It’s the feeling of safe connection that brings hope, not the number of problems between partners. The Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop teaches couples to increase the quality of their connection and extinguish their reactivity, blame and criticism. The outcome is happy and engaged couples, reduced conflict and resilient relationships.

Bend, Oregon marriage counselor says: "Like most things that we become proficient at, we have to but effort into it. With effort, and learning relationship skills, we become better and better at creating love." Is it worth the risk? You bet it is, but only if you want to achieve real love.

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