Bend Marriage Counselor Says: Let’s Make It ‘Cool’ To Attend A Marriage Workshop #3

April 19, 2011 by

As a Bend marriage counselor I have found successful couples can learn the skills and knowledge that lead to lasting love. Fortunately, couples want the same things. Research tells us couples want conflict resolution and fun. Here are some hallmarks of successful marriages:

1. Successful couples spend quality time together and put energy into their relationship. They find little pockets of time to connect throughout the day. Sharing appreciations and showing caring behaviors, date nights and scheduling regular doses of fun keeps the juice of connection alive even while raising children.

2. Successful couples take responsibility for the quality of the relationship. They ask: “what does my partner and this relationship need from me?” This is the very opposite of partners who ask: “what is this marriage doing for me?”

3. Successful couples learn how to fully listen to one another. They learn how to validate and empathize with their partners. There is room for both partners in the relationship and their differences become strengths. Together they forge a journey that neither can do alone.

4. Successful couples build resiliency over the course of their relationship. They are less affected by life’s stresses and grow more contented and confident in the decisions they make toward fulfilling their dreams.

If you would like to stay in touch with me, the best way is to enroll in our free resources section. You will have the best this Bend, Oregon marriage counselor can deliver online, in classes, workshops, and private sessions.  You can learn to navigate the waters of relationship to a more successful and more fulfilling marriage or prevent a good one from heading south on you.  Those who are struggling or are at the breaking point will want to consider taking the “Getting The Love You Want” Couples Workshop with a few counseling sessions to move beyond your impasse and find your love again. It is possible!