A Bend Marriage Workshop Can Help Couples

Taking a Bend marriage workshop is the first step to healing. This cost effective and exciting group setting can jump start learning and transform your marriage and relationships.  Couples, individuals, and parents can all benefit tremendously from taking one of the workshops at Oregon Marriage Counseling.

You need a more positive message. Our culture and sometimes even our friends give us the message that if we get some help or attend a marriage workshop, we’ve failed.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  It’s really a positive sign of commitment and caring to want to make your marriage successful and fulfilling.

We all have a lot to learn when it comes to making love last a lifetime. You didn’t marry yourself. You married someone else with his or her own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, viewpoints and opinions.  It’s NORMAL to have differences. It would be strange if you didn’t have conflict.

Bend Marriage Workshop Options

We all need to learn how to honor and respect each other’s desires and needs.  Learning how to talk and listen to each other without the negativity of criticism, blame, shame, and anger can give you improvements in your relationship that you may have never imagined possible.  This is why it is so important to move past any thoughts of failure and attend a Bend marriage workshop.

Couples Communication Skills 101

This 3-hour introductory class will teach you the Imago Dialogue process and help you learn about your reactive style in relationships. This class is great for couples that want to get started learning the Dialogue process.  If you are curious about Imago Therapy, this is a good introduction. Learn more about upcoming Couples Communication 101 classes.

NEW! Rock Solid Relationship Building Series

Based on our award-winning book, Rock Solid Relationships: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last, these 4 affordable, 4-hour Mini Workshops will keep your momentum going after attending the Getting the Love You Want couples workshop, or, eve if you haven't take that workshop will help you to implement new habits and behaviors, and move steadily toward your relationship goals. Once a month for 4-hours on a Saturday, they are designed to fit comfortably into your busy schedule. Get more details on 4 workshop series.

Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples

If you want to fall in love with your partner again, this workshop might be for you. The signature Imago workshop is co-presented by Norene Gonsiewski, LCSW. This weekend Bend marriage workshop will add a lifetime of delight to your relationship. You will work individually and with your partner under the guidance and support of Oregon marriage counseling experts Norene and Tim. tools to create lasting love

Keeping the Love You Find Workshop for Individuals

This Imago workshop is for individuals who want to work on their relationship issues. Whether single or part of a couple you will find it helpful to explore your own unique issues to improve your relationships.  Professionals will gain tools and insights they can apply with their clients as well.  At this weekend Bend marriage workshop, you will learn to grow beyond old behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that interfere with the loving intimate relationships you desire. Learn more about the Keeping the Love You Find Singles Workshop.

Advanced Workshop for Couples—Rock Solid Relationship

Tim Higdon MS LPC and Norene Gonsiewski LCSW have taken their three decades of experience working with couples and created a workshop that will help you develop a relationship that is Rock Solid. The workshop is for couples who have already taken Getting the Love You Want, our signature, level 1, relationship education workshop. Getting the Love You Want helped you restore your connection and co-create a loving partnership. Rock Solid will take you a step further to deepen and sustain your love for a lifetime. Learn more about the Rock Solid Relationship Advanced Couples Workshop.

Renewing Your Relationship Vision—Every January

Start the year off right with Renew Your Relationship Vision, a 3 1/2-hour workshop designed to look back on the valuable gains of 2012 and craft a plan for the year ahead. The workshop is touching, light and enjoyable. Start 2013 out right, and renew your plan to continue to create the relationship of your dreams.


With a Bend marriage workshop, the work begins with you. In the end, you are the one who can celebrate the results – and the happiness you’ll find.

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