Bend, Oregon Marriage Coach: Projects Can Turn Your Empty Nest into a “Full” Relationship

Many couples long for the day their kids move out, so they can finally spend quality time together again. But once it actually happens… they find that they don’t know what to do – either with each other or the empty space (literal and figurative) left by their children.

What can you do to help? Start some projects together!

Having a project is a good way to transition into this new time in your life. It gives you something to focus on together while also giving you time and opportunity to get to know each other again without that being the sole point.

The following projects allow you and your spouse to spruce up your home, learn new things together, and really enjoy the time you have together.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to change your bathroom flooring to tile. Or update your kitchen appliances. Now is the perfect time to turn your house into your dream home!

Talk to your spouse about the ideas you each have, then focus on those renovations that will benefit both of you – and that you can afford! You can stretch your budget further (and potentially grow closer) by handling many of the renovations yourself.

And if there are renovations you just can’t do, find ways to incorporate those things into your lives in other ways. For example, a home exercise room might be out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join a gym together!

Become the Ultimate Party Host             

Often couples can become anxious without the responsibility of having their kids in the house. What once felt crowded is now big, empty, and lonely.

But your nest doesn’t have to stay empty. With your kids out of the house, you’re free to spend more time enjoying the company of your friends. So host a dinner party, a potluck, birthday parties, or more.

Consider a Vacation (Home!)

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home and family. Who says you can’t build another nest closer to the beach? Look into investing in a property in the mountains, near the beach, or in another vacation destination.

If you can find a fixer upper, you and your spouse will have a big project on your hands (and potentially, a nice profit!). A vacation home also gives your whole family a reason to gather together and enjoy each others company throughout the year.

You and your spouse can work on any number of projects like this. The extra time together will help you learn, grow, and build your relationship as a couple.

It’s been a while since you have been the only people in your house, so enjoy it!

And if you would like to discover more ways to build and grow your marriage, contact a Bend, Oregon marriage coach today.