Bend Oregon Marriage Counselor helps marriages during life challenges

February 22, 2013 by

This Bend Marriage Counselor knows the joy and excitement your wedding day creates. It brings the hopes dreams and anticipation of what's to come. Many of us recite the traditional vows— for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and for better or worse. But, we really don't expect or want "poorer, sickness and worse".

When we marry most of us want it to last a lifetime. At Bend Marriage Counseling we often help couples learn to reestablish and maintain connection in their relationship. We typically focus on the nurturing side of  relationship help—making things better, marital health and life en”rich”ment. But what about the part of the vows that are life changers like a long term illness, a job loss, a car accident, loss of a loved one, or a natural disaster destroying your home? Many marriages will experience some form of a life altering experience that I call the darker side of love. These experiences are beyond our control and can test the best of marriages. Some don’t make it and end in divorce.

It’s sad when a marriage or committed relationship ends over something neither partner could control. This doesn’t need to happen! The darker side of love you commit to with those marriage vows actually deepen the meaning of your marriage. The implied message is, "you are not alone. I am here for you no matter what happens". When you build a love that lasts you learn to embrace this side of love. The outcome is a relationship that becomes resilient to the unpredictability of life. You will know you have a safe harbor from life’s storms. Here at Bend, Oregon Marriage Counseling we are committed to supporting your relationship through the grief and sorrow that comes when life throws you a curve. You needn’t lose your marriage and can actually grow stronger by learning to mutually support each other…for better or worse.

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