Bend, Oregon marriage counselor recommends workshop for singles

April 4, 2013 by

Bend, Oregon Marriage Counselor recommends: “Keeping the Love You Find Workshop” for Singles who want to succeed with a lifelong relationship.

The social network dating services claim to be bursting at the seams trying to match up singles for a lifelong commitment. eHarmony has spent millions to come up with compatibility tests that will help singles find just the right (i.e. compatible) partner. While some people do find a partner, many others become very disillusioned with the process. Other places singles attempt to meet someone new are blind dates, the bar scene, church, at work, friends and family and community activities.

But, if you are single you may be overlooking the most important resource for finding someone: yourself! Most singles I have counseled over the years echo a common theme. They report that what keeps them from finding and keeping love is their own failed experiences. The right person can literally walk by them and they don’t notice. Why is this? If you have failed in relationship you will either be so afraid to try again or you will “project” on any potential partner why they aren’t a good fit.

We do this to protect ourselves from getting hurt again and usually aren’t aware of it. Some singles begin to notice they have a growing anxiety about their relationships or flat-out sabotage a budding one and wonder why?

This Bend, Oregon Relationship Counselor says: If you want to succeed at having a relationship that is built to last, start with yourself. The best way to learn about your own roadblocks to finding love and to learn new ways of being in a relationship is to take the Keeping The Love You Find Workshop for Individuals. The next KTLYF workshops are scheduled for May 4-5 in Portland, OR at The Portland Relationship Center and July 20-21 in Bend at Three Rivers Center For Relationship.

For information  about the Keeping the Love You Find singles workshop contact Tim Higdon.