Bend Relationship Coaching: Why Budgets Are Sexy

Many couples tend to fight at the same time every month – when the bills are due!

You know the situation. As you balance your checkbook, you wonder where all your money went. Did he really need to spend that much money on coffee? Is he going to get mad at you for the extra trip to the hairdresser this month? If you experience this kind of tension month after month due to your finances, it is well past time to set a budget.

But budgets do more than ease stress and reduce fights and arguments. Budgets – stay with me here – can be sexy.

Finding the Romantic in Financial Restraint

How exactly is a budget sexy?

Well, with financial stress off your plate, you can breathe easier and focus on the important things, like turning on the heat in your romance. It’s a lot easier to come up with sexy, romantic ideas when you’re not freaking out over the possibility of not being able to pay a bill on time. In other words, a good budget can help you free up valuable mental and emotional space that you can use to show your spouse how much they mean to you.

Plus, you can budget in a sexy date night for the two of you. When you know how much you have to comfortably spend, you can get excited about dates rather than sweating over the cost of a meal or movie tickets. And you can plan ahead for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries in your budget so that you don’t have to worry about scrounging at the last minute.

Along those line, a budget can also help you put away some money for a big purchase or vacation that the two of you can enjoy together. Most of us would probably agree that sacrificing the morning coffee run is worth it in exchange for a 5-day cruise to Aruba.

Budgeting isn’t always easy, though – especially when doing it with another person. You both have to be willing to give and willing to compromise, and that’s something that has to be learned.

How to Compromise When Creating a Budget

Here’s how to do it. Sit down together and have an open conversation about how to handle your spending, your financial goals, and what you are saving for. This may actually be a very eye-opening conversation if one or both of you have never really spoken about your future goals.

Don’t stop the conversation until you decide on a budget that you both agree on. Make sure both of your needs are being addressed, but also that both spouses are making concessions. That means if you can’t get your weekly pedicure, your spouse has to give up their monthly golf outing. Your big boat purchase will have to wait? Well, then so will your spouse’s new patio furniture.

Money can be a very emotional subject. If you find yourself struggling to compromise and create a budget that works for your relationship, seek Bend relationship coaching. Contact us today to figure out the best way to talk about money in your marriage.