Bend Relationship Counseling: Six Great Valentine Dates

February 3, 2015 by

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Valentine’s Day, with many dismissing it as a commercial holiday perpetuated by greeting card companies to sell cards and useless trinkets. But Valentine’s Day can also be a wonderful opportunity to do something special and out-of-the-ordinary for the person you love in your life. Here are six creative Valentine’s date ideas that go beyond the conventional dinner at a fancy restaurant:

Take a cooking class. I’ve been known to advise couples to enroll in classes together, since learning a new skill can be a very effective bonding experience. Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to do so, with many organizations and businesses offering special Valentine’s classes and deals.

Go ice skating. Ice skating is romantic, fun, and great exercise. By getting some exercise together, you can get your heart rate up and boost your libido.

Get a room. Take a mini vacation with your spouse by booking a room at a local hotel—it doesn’t have to be an expensive one! Bring along some drinks and favorite snacks, and allow yourself the luxury of hanging out in bed all night and watching your favorite movies. Switch off your phones and leave the kids with a sitter, so there’s nothing to distract you from relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Go camping. For couples that aren’t afraid of getting their hands a little dirty, camping can be an incredibly intimate and romantic date idea. You can spend the night cuddled in a sleeping bag by the fire, sipping drinks, cooking foil dinner, and making s’mores.

Wine tasting. It’s common for local vineyards and specialty wine stores to hold Valentine’s tastings and events. Oftentimes, these events pair wine with chocolate, fruit, and other treats.

Get a massage. Booking a couple’s massage at a spa is another way to temporarily escape from the pressures and distractions of our everyday lives. During massage sessions, recipients are driven to concentrate on the present moment, and fully engaging in an activity together can help couples reconnect.

Enroll in a couple’s workshop. If either of you has been curious about Bend relationship counseling, enrollment in one of our upcoming workshops could be a unique and unconventional gift that will strengthen your bond.