Couples Communication 101 class coming up April 21

April 8, 2015 by

Research tells us that couples want two things—conflict resolution and fun!
Couples Communication 101 provides a good starting point to both of these desires.

Couples Communication 101 is a 3-hour class designed to introduce couples to the Imago dialogue, a communication tool that is designed to help couples resolve conflict and build understanding and empathy.

All couples have differences that may lead to defensiveness, conflict and ultimately distance. John Gottman, the famous marriage researcher says that couples form a negative response cycle that will destroy their love. In our work with Imago Relationship Therapy we see couples form a predictable pattern. One partner is usually the maximizer and they get bigger and louder when conflict arises. The other partner will often minimize and shut down. Learning the Imago dialogue will teach you to have a safe conversation where both of you can feel understood. From there you can learn to collaborate and create a Rock Solid Relationship!

In this small group setting, certified Imago Relationship Counselor and Workshop Presenter, Tim Higdon, will work with each couple to learn the dialogue basics in a comfortable, non-threatening way. If you have struggled as a couple to feel heard by each other, or if your disagreements end in anger and distancing from each other, this is the answer.

Couples Communication 101 will be held Tuesday, April 21 from 5-8pm at 3Rivers Center in Bend, Oregon.
For further information and to register check out the website.