Facts about Seniors and Sex from a Bend Relationship Counselor

Many of us grow up thinking “old people” just don't have sex anymore. It’s a lie that we tend to hold close until we ourselves hit "old age" (whatever that means) and find ourselves wondering, "Can I still have sex?"

Sadly, many people feel this way, and it actually affects their happiness and overall health as a senior. The short answer is, barring specific health issues, of course you can still have sex! In fact, many seniors have sex lives that are as healthy – if not more so – than when they were younger. Of course, there is no doubt that our bodies change as we age, and seniors have to take that into account where sex is concerned.

Below we’re going to look at the state of seniors’ sex lives today and what you can do to maintain a healthy sex life well into your Golden Years.

Sex as a Senior in Today’s World

Studies have found that about 42% of women and 54% of men continue have sex in their 60s. But in 2016, that number seems awfully low.

After all, the average life span has now increased to 76 years for the average American, meaning that people still have at least two decades of quality life once they become "senior citizens." While many people probably believe this is just because “old people don’t have sex,” the decrease probably occurs because of changes to our bodies.

Post-menopause, which occurs between 48 and 55 for most women, hormone changes can affect libido, female lubrication, and overall enjoyment in the act itself. Men also have their own struggles with decreasing testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction. Pain, outstanding conditions, and even prescription medications that are all common in this demographic can also affect their ability to have sex.

But these aren’t reasons to stop – they’re why seniors need sex all the more!

Keep Doing It – for Your Health!

Sex increases feel-good hormones like endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which all help with cognitive and body function. Sex also gets you moving, encouraging blood flow to the different parts of the body, and increasing respiration.

All of these things are great for a perfectly healthy body – and in an aging body they help to improve flexibility, function, and overall health. The simple connection made during sex can also improve mood, outlook, and mental health in people who may feel loss or anger in the face of aging.

There’s also one more point to consider about “senior sex” as well: age comes with wisdom. For many women, reaching climax or simply enjoying sex is a struggle through their early and mid-adulthood. But as aging adults, women report being satisfied nearly 70% of the time! Men also report longer sexual activity and improved climaxes.

You’ve got a little experience under your belt, so why not enjoy it? You’re never too old to enjoy yourself.

Want additional advice on how to kick-start your sex life as a senior? A Bend relationship counselor can help.