At Bend Marriage Counseling we offer
several options to begin creating lasting love:

G E T  G O I N G  Q U I C K L Y  B Y  O R D E R I N G  O U R  B O O K

Rock Solid Relationship
Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection
& Make Your Love Last

by Norene Gonsiewski MSW and Tim Higdon MS

This down-to-earth book offers clear instructions 
for couples at every stage of relationship. Based in research and practical experience the keys to success are easy to follow.

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Relationship Coaching–
Fulfill Your Goals in Life and Love

If you are committed to your relationship, but find yourself among the thousands of couples who wonder, “Where did the fun and romance go?”– you may be a couple who would benefit from relationship coaching.

Most couples are mentally healthy. They need skills more than they need emotional help. Because good marriage counseling focuses on emotional healing, it often ends before the couple learns how to set and achieve their goals and negotiate win-win solutions to their problems.

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Bend, Oregon Marriage Counseling
Helps Couples and Individuals Succeed
at Building Rock Solid Relationships

Giving you the skills to make your love last, is the mission at Bend, Oregon Marriage Counseling. We work with pre-committed, engaged and committed couples and individuals who are interested in improving their relationship skills. As marriage coaches, counselors and educators, our focus is to help you understand yourself and improve your relationships.

We help couples at all stages of committed relationships. All relationships have stages in their lifespan. We work with you at whatever point you are in the life of your partnership. If you are newly committed, ready to enjoy retirement or somewhere in-between, Tim and Norene can help you to make your marriage the best it has ever been.

The goal at Oregon Marriage Counseling is to help you restore connection and make your love last. Your marriage is the source of the best opportunity you will find to improve your health and happiness. Backed by research and marital help experience, we have helped hundreds of couples transform their relationships.

The marriage relationship is the heartbeat of any family. When you have a healthy marriage, all those around you benefit. You have more resilience when life throws you a curve. There is a spring in your step.

If relationship issues are showing up, it’s time to take action. You don’t have to suffer in silence or believe that divorce or separation is the only solution. In fact, it is your very relationship that creates opportunities for growth and healing, moving you toward personal happiness. Like all couples, you want to continue to grow together, but you just don’t know how. We can help!

Singles and individuals in relationships matter too. Singles can benefit immensely from the services of Bend Marriage Counseling. Exploring your relationship patterns, including your relationship to yourself, can bring the lasting changes you want.

The relationship help at Bend Marriage Counseling teaches you how to better find yourself. Rather than abandon the relationship in an attempt to better understand who you are, you can find yourself through the relationship.

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