Introducing Relationship Coaching

Instead of focusing on the past, on childhood wounds and on feelings, relationship coaching helps you to design the kind of committed relationship you want and to feel in control and on track toward those improvements.

How Is Couple’s Coaching Different than Marriage Counseling?

The difference between coaching and counseling can be confusing. Both modalities help couples gain insights, tools and relief from their difficulties.

  • Counseling is problem focused. Coaching is solution and action focused.
  • Counseling explores the contributions to your problems from your past, as well as your negative thinking and reactive behavior. Coaching looks forward and focuses on your goals, the obstacles in your path and the skills you need to reach your goals.
  • Counseling helps when your emotions make it difficult for you to follow through on appropriate choices. Coaching makes the assumption that you are psychologically healthy but need skills to do better
  • Counseling is therefore the best choice for psychological disorders. If you know what to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it, counseling is your best choice.
  • Coaching gives both partners the responsibility to improve the relationship. You will have something to do every week that will help you to get closer to your goals. If you have the courage to make changes, but you don’t know how, coaching is your best choice.
Who Benefits from Relationship Coaching?

Our coaching program is for anyone who’s serious about finding success in their relationship at any stage.

Dating couples – This includes those who are in a relationship that is not exclusive. You may be casually dating or even “friends with benefits.” Until now, you have viewed the connection as simple fun or recreation. Often, couples that fit in this category seek coaching because one or both partners want to move to the next level.

Pre-committed couples – You are exclusive. You may even live together. But there is no formal commitment in place. Often these couples want to commit – and they are seeking to test the relationship to ensure it will last over the long haul. In particular, relationship coaching can help you overcome any obstacles that have kept you from committing in the past, such as disagreements over having children.

Pre-marital couples – Congratulations! You are ready to commit. Maybe you’re engaged. Maybe you’re ready to do so, but it’s not formal yet. Either way, you are ready for a longer, more serious commitment to your partner. Many of these couples seek coaching to increase their odds of success by focusing on the relationship right from the start.

Committed couples – This doesn’t mean marriage necessarily, but you have made some sort of long-term commitment to your partner already and may have been together for years. Committed couples may simply want to strengthen their bond or work on specific issues they seem unable to resolve on their own. The goal is to solve problems and continue enjoying the relationship for many years to come.

And, if you are Empty nesters or retirees, coaching can help navigate this major life change. For many, learning to enjoy this newfound freedom together takes work. You may find that you don’t share the same hobbies, interests, or goals. You may also become increasingly irritated with one another now that you are spending much more time together. In relationship coaching, you can make the most of your “golden years.”

Graduates of Imago Relationship Counseling – If you have attended our Getting the Love You Want Workshop, or worked with an Imago therapist, and you have wondered, “What’s next?” then coaching is perfect for you. We will help you get to work on your Relationship Vision and goals, and teach you to use your communication tools to reach win-win solutions. It’s the best “next step” for couples that have healed their childhood wounds, discovered their unmet needs and want support to stretch into those lost parts!

What Can We Expect from a Relationship Coaching Program

The minimum commitment for our program is two months. We meet in the convenience and privacy of your home via Skype or telephone for 75 minutes a week, four weeks of the month. If a month has five weeks we skip the fifth week.

Each week you will work on the issues that are important to you, using positive and respectful coaching tools. You will formulate an action plan that works for the two of you, and use at-home-tools that will reinforce your progress.

The first month of relationship coaching includes a self-assessment of your relationship. You will take a careful look at the strengths and the troubled areas of your relationship. We will use this information to help you make a blueprint for improvement.

You will learn a simple and effective communication tool that will help you to negotiate win-win solutions to your issues. No more compromise, in which each of you lets go of something important. Instead you will learn to identify your needs and find creative solutions that meet the needs of you both.

In the months that follow you will work toward your goals and reach more joy, love, security and connection with your partner. The fun will return and you will operationalize the keys to a rock solid relationship:

  • A Relationship Vision that will become a buoy for you that keeps you from drifting away from your goals in the strong currents of life
  • Returning your partner to priority status
  • Showing your partner your love in a variety of ways, big and small, on a daily basis
  • Ending your negative patterns
  • A passionate sexual partnership
  • Building strong boundaries with your in-laws, children and work life boundaries that act as firewalls that protect your bond
  • A relationship repair kit for the times you need it
  • A means of communicating that brings connection, not conflict
How Much Does Coaching Cost

The cost of our relationship coaching program is $700 per month, with a minimum 2-month commitment. If you prepay for both months there is a 10% discount.

Does Insurance Pay for Coaching?

Unfortunately, all insurance companies consider coaching to be preventive care at this time. Although we are licensed clinical therapists, the service of coaching isn’t designed for any psychiatric issues that qualify for insurance billing. Whereas using counseling benefits leaves you with a psychiatric diagnosis on your health records, coaching is always private.

What All is Included in Our Relationship Coaching Program

Step 1: A low-cost Exploratory Session to see if coaching is right for you.

  • Your first exploratory is offered at a reduced rate of only $79. The initial meeting is held by telephone, Skype or in-person, with a coach who has over 30 years of experience coaching and counseling couples. If you decide to enroll in our coaching program, your consultation fee will be applied to your first month of coaching.
  • Along with your session you will receive two downloads of our award-winning book, Rock Solid Relationship: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection & Make Your Love Last. Take the time to peruse our book, because it will be the basis of your work with Tim and Norene.

Step 2: Your Individualized Coaching Program with Master Coaches

  • 75 minute one-on-one coaching sessions, via Skype or telephone, four times per month
  • Email support for questions in between sessions
  • Assessments
  • Training in communication tools to use at home that include audio and video tutorials to reinforce the information learned in sessions
  • Three decades of our expertise as couple’s coaches and marriage counselors
  • Discounts on our online webinars and in-person workshops

How Do We Get Started?

Follow our four simple steps below…

BMC-app iconFill out the simple questionnaire to see if this coaching program is right for you. Contact us to get started!
BMC-email iconGet an email to schedule a low-cost,
45 minute Exploratory Session
and receive a Welcome Letter explaining the relationship coaching process in more detail.
BMC-talk iconHave the Exploratory Session, in which we answer your questions, we get to know each other, we help you target some areas and behaviors that need attention, you share your goals and we determine if we are a good fit.
BMC-heart iconGet started with the program! 8 weekly sessions. 75 minutes each. (With some simple exercises to complete in between sessions)

So, let’s get to work and make your relationship rock solid.
Let us help you make your love last!