Introducing Relationship Coaching

Instead of focusing on the past, on childhood wounds and on feelings, relationship coaching helps you to design the kind of committed relationship you want and to feel in control and on track toward those improvements.

How Is Couple’s Coaching Different than Marriage Counseling?
Who Benefits from Relationship Coaching?
What Can We Expect from a Relationship Coaching Program
How Much Does Coaching Cost
Does Insurance Pay for Coaching?
What All is Included in Our Relationship Coaching Program

How Do We Get Started?

Follow our four simple steps below…

BMC-app iconFill out the simple questionnaire to see if this coaching program is right for you. Contact us to get started!
BMC-email iconGet an email to schedule a low-cost,
45 minute Exploratory Session
and receive a Welcome Letter explaining the relationship coaching process in more detail.
BMC-talk iconHave the Exploratory Session, in which we answer your questions, we get to know each other, we help you target some areas and behaviors that need attention, you share your goals and we determine if we are a good fit.
BMC-heart iconGet started with the program! 8 weekly sessions. 75 minutes each. (With some simple exercises to complete in between sessions)

So, let’s get to work and make your relationship rock solid.
Let us help you make your love last!