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The Source Weekly: The Love Issue 2012
The Love Doctor
—Relationship Advice from Tim Higdon

Modifying Your Exits to IntimacyAudio Q & A with Tim and Norene

Adventures in Mid Life Dating 06 10

Gail Kretchmer interviewed Tim for her article in 4U magazine, a supplement to the Bend Bulletin

Too Busy Couple —Audio Q&A on the importance of making time for your relationship in our increasingly busy lives

Join Tim Higdon and Norene Gonsiewski for audios Q & A's on the subjects listed below:

Mastering Validation—an audio Q & A on mastering validation

The Power of Empathy—Audio Q & A, the fourth in the Series

Mirroring Skills—A teleclass to help you improve  your mirroring skills (1/11/11)

Imago Dialogue Skills—Overcoming your resistance to using the Dialogue Tool (11/12/10)

Interviews with Kristi Miller on Good Morning Central Oregon:

What is the Difference Between Romantic Love and Real Love?
How to have love that lasts a lifetime—Valentines Day segment with Kristi Miller on Good Morning Central Oregon

What Do Couples Need to Make Their Relationship Work?
All couples have conflict, but having the right tools to repair their relationship. Getting the Love You Want Marriage Workshop—marriage education makes the difference.
With Kristi Miller on Good Morning Central Oregon
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