Getting the Love Want Couples Workshop Questions Answered

April 21, 2015 by

Coming up in Bend, Oregon June 26-28—Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop

Guided by two passionate relationship experts—Tim Higdon MS LPC and Norene Gonsiewski LCSW—the Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop will help you stop fighting, restore your connection and deepen your intimacy in just one weekend!

Answered here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the workshop:

1. Do we have to disclose our relationship problems to others?

Absolutely not! The workshop is designed to protect your privacy. It is not group therapy. You will hear presentations from Tim and Norene and do the exercises with your partner. The presenters teach the dialogue skills and ask for couples to volunteer, but this is not a requirement.

 2. Do couples feel like failures if they attend a relationship workshop?

Some people are scared that others will see them as having problems if they attend a workshop. Some are excited to learn to deepen their connection and intimacy. Norene and Tim will put your fears at ease from the start. Over the course of the workshop you will experience more connection with your partner and the group. The sense that “we’re all in this boat”, working to create a loving relationship, is part of the immersion effect that relieves your fear and relaxes you into your joy.

3. If we go to a relationship workshop will things just get worse between us?

If it has been your experience that when you try to resolve your issues, things get worse, then it is normal to be concerned that actually facing what is making you unhappy in your relationship might bring more conflict and pain. This workshop will give you tools and information to create connection and help you develop a loving outcome. If you want your relationship to be different you have to do something different

4. Why would we want to spend a weekend working on our relationship when we both are tired from work and kids and just need a break or maybe some fun?

 Making a living and raising children is very challenging. It is typical to find that your relationship has been put on the back burner. The love that brought you together may give way to just playing your roles in your family and careers. In just one weekend you can reconnect with that love and learn how to make it the priority that you need as the antidote to your stressors.

5. Why does the workshop cost so much?

The Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop is said to be worth four months of couples counseling. It is a bargain at $750, which equals $18.75 an hour per person. (And, we offer a payment plan.)  The experience you will have over the course of the weekend will put you on a path to making your love last a lifetime. The tools you will learn can be used again and again as you create and sustain your love. As the ad campaign involving the cost of life experiences says—Priceless!!

6. Is this workshop appropriate for couples that have recently become engaged?

Absolutely. It’s the best premarital education they could receive. Before challenges surface, an engaged couple can learn the tools and information that will help them navigate life challenges, and create and sustain their love for a lifetime. Some very wise and wonderful parents give their children this workshop as a wedding present!

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