New Hobbies for Growing Together During Retirement

Retirement can be a wonderful opportunity to grow your relationship, but it can also be overwhelming. For years, you may have spent a large portion of your time at work, raising your children, or both. How will you spend all your newfound time together?

Finding some new hobbies that you and your spouse will enjoy together can help to keep your minds and bodies active – while allowing you to learn new skills and create lifelong memories. Rather than spending dinnertime talking about your day at work, you and your spouse can discuss your latest project or plan your next vacation.

Not sure what hobbies you can take up? No worries – we have a few suggestions!

Art Classes. Taking art classes can be a wonderful way to express yourself, learn something new, and produce a piece of art to share with your family and friends.

So what if you’re not the next Picasso? A lack of artistic ability gives you and your spouse a great story and a chance to let loose and laugh with each other.

If painting or sculpting isn’t your thing, look around for other artistic opportunities. You could see a show at your local theatre, a classic date night that supports local art. Or lend your time to the performing arts by actually doing community theatre. Likewise, local bands and orchestras give you an excuse to dust off your old clarinet or even learn a new instrument. And many parks offer free concerts during the summertime. Event boards or the newspaper are great places to look for artistic events around town.

Sailing. Get ready for an adventure! Sailing with your spouse will give you a unique hobby and romantic one-on-one time on the open seas. There are plenty of sailboat rentals and classes to take around Oregon. The American Sailing Association even offers online courses if you want to get a head start on sailing from your living room!

Wine Tasting. The Northwest is renowned for its wonderful breweries and wineries. Wine tasting will keep your senses sharp, and gives you some great knowledge to trot out at your next dinner party. You can also bring your new skills to wine festivals. Wine tasting is a great excuse to travel… and travel is a great excuse to get some wine tasting in!

Volunteering. Volunteering allows you and your spouse to dedicate your newfound extra time to help others in your community. Find an organization that you and your spouse are both passionate about, and contact them for opportunities to help out.

Common volunteer positions include walking dogs at local animal shelters, reading to children at community centers, or collecting and serving food to the less fortunate.

Gardening. Gardening can feel like a chore if you do not have the time to tend to your plants. But a more open schedule gives you time to stop and smell the roses (quite literally!).

Gardens help you relax, give you a project to take care of, and best of all, you can grow some fruits and vegetables to add to your meals. Having a garden in your home also gives you a great opportunity to bond with your spouse – and even your children and grandchildren.

These are just a few suggestions. If you find an activity you think and your spouse would be interested in, go for it! A new hobby will get you and your spouse out into the community (and the world), keep you busy, and create fun dates. For more advice and relationship coaching, contact a Bend marriage coach today.