Oregon Marriage Counseling: How Your Relationship Will Change After the Baby

October 28, 2011 by

In Oregon marriage counseling, I’ve seen how the lives of many couples are changed by the arrival of a new baby. Of course, it’s a wonderful experience that can strengthen the bond between you, but a child also brings a new host of responsibilities, which can put stress on your relationship.

You have new bills to pay, which can put a strain on your finances. You’ll have less time for one another since you’ll be busy changing diapers, dropping your child off at daycare, and handling doctor visits. And you’ll likely be sleep deprived from waking up in the middle of the night to care for your crying baby.

I work with expecting couples and new parents in Oregon marriage counseling to navigate this transition and prevent relationship problems. Instead of two of you, there are now three, so the dynamic will change. You’ll have less time with one another – and be exhausted when you do have a few moments alone. This can make you feel disconnected from one another, which is why date night becomes even more important. Find arrangements for child care, so you can spend some time together like you used to.

Another thing that will suffer as a result of parenthood? Your sex life. From my experience Oregon marriage counseling, I can tell you this is normal, but just like you should find time for date night, you should make time to “get in the mood.”

Another major change you will encounter is the division of household responsibilities. You have a whole new host of tasks that need to be taken care of, so who takes care of what might have to change as a result. If one partner is taking on too great of a burden, he or she may feel resentment towards the other partner. Prevent this by keeping communication open.

But household responsibilities aren’t the only thing you should be talking about. Your responsibilities as a parent should also be discussed. You may discover that you have different parenting styles, and you will need to compromise. Sit down and talk about your differences of opinion, and don’t be afraid to consult parenting books and articles, as well as your pediatrician, for advice when you get to an impasse.

Become a Better Parent in Oregon Marriage Counseling

If you are having trouble with communication now, consider how difficult things will get further down the road when the child is older and the decisions are even more complicated. Become stronger as a family by preventing relationship problems and learning new communication skills in Oregon marriage counseling.