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If you are an individual or couple who is experiencing problems and are in need of relationship help, consider contacting us at Bend Marriage Counseling. Using trainings, workshops, coaching and the most innovative and cutting edge treatment modalities we will assist you to create the life and relationships you have always wanted.

By contacting Tim Higdon or Norene Gonsiewski, Bend, Oregon marriage counselors and coaches, you will begin a new journey. They can offer guidance and assistance that is tailored to meet your specific individual, marriage and relationship needs and take steps to help you recognize those areas in which you need to grow, to set realistic and attainable goals to reach your potential, and provide you the opportunity to achieve an increased self-awareness and sense of purpose. Tim and Norene believe in taking a direct and honest approach to dealing with issues and in treating you with the compassion and the respect you deserve.

Contact Tim Higdon or Norene Gonsiewski at Bend Oregon Marriage Counseling by phone or via e-mail for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Tim Higdon—541-330-9782, ex.1

Located in the 3Rivers Center for Relationship building
115 NW Greeley Ave.
Bend, Oregon 97703

Norene Gonsiewski503-810-2743

392 E Main Ave
Sisters, Oregon 97759

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