Renew Your Relationship Vision for 2014 Says This Bend Marriage Counselor

December 30, 2013 by

The holiday season is almost over and we are shaking off the holiday hangover and getting back to the daily routine of life. But, before we let busyness take over let’s think about our relationship in the upcoming year. If we are feeling distant and disconnected from our partner, we may be hoping 2014 will be better. If our love is solid, why shouldn’t be take some time to dream?

 Most couples are so busy that their relationship gets put on the backburner and becomes an afterthought. Because we once fell in love we expect to always feel that way. When our expectations aren’t met disappointment sets in. Instead of a fulfilling relationship we may feel like we’re settling for less. Resentment can build as we both have different ideas about what we want. Conflict and distance are the result. Even though we love each other, we may lose our sense of connectedness if we don’t talk with each other about our thoughts and dreams. Happiness and contentment requires being intentional about co-creating the New Year.

When we put energy into visioning our relationship we create safety and passion. We enjoy the collaboration and feel much more connected. We will be much more motivated to be a team and make our vision become a reality. When we spend time creating our relationship vision we become more conscious of what our relationship needs to be a happy one.

This Bend Oregon Marriage Counselor says consider making your relationship THE PRIORITY in 2014! Put your relationship first.

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