Staying In? You Can Still Plan a Great Valentine Date

February 9, 2015 by

Snagging a restaurant reservation, booking a salsa class, or finding a babysitter aren’t exactly easy tasks to do on Valentine’s Day. And for some couples, finances may be a concern that keeps them from going out. But don’t let these things deter you from injecting a little romance into your relationship.

Instead of waiting for hours outside a booked restaurant or giving up and falling asleep on the couch, why not plan a special Valentine’s night at home? When executed correctly, a night in can be just as intimate and romantic, and it’s important to take the time to make one another feel special, even when responsibilities and other concerns get in the way.

So pick out a nice, long movie for the kids… and start planning your memorable night with these at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas:

Backyard picnic. Put together a basket of your favorite drinks and snacks, grab a blanket, and share a romantic picnic dinner in your backyard. If it’s cold out, nestle up inside sleeping bags and light a fire.

Living room picnic. Too chilly to go outside? Take the picnic inside! Set up an air mattress on your living room floor, light a fire in the fireplace, and roast marshmallows while sipping on your favorite drinks.

Dining room restaurant. You can recreate the atmosphere of a fancy restaurant by setting up candles and flowers, breaking out your fine china, and playing soft music. Cook a meal you’ve never tried before together, complete with appetizers and desert. Dress up in your best clothes, as though you were going out to an upscale restaurant.

Living room theater. The kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy watching a movie tonight. Whip up some fresh popcorn, set up blankets and pillows, cuddle up, and pop in a romantic flick you’ve both been meaning to see.

Bathtub spa. Recreate a spa experience by lighting candles, drawing a bubble bath, and setting Pandora to Tony Bennett. Take turns giving each other massages and foot rubs, and lounge around the house in robes warmed up in the dryer.

Living room ballroom. To prepare, you can make a playlist of your favorite songs and push the furniture out of the living room. Dress up in your finest ballroom attire and cut a rug—don’t be afraid to get silly! After all, it’s just the two of you.

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