Want to Deepen Your Relationship? Throw Out Your Stuff

February 2, 2017 by

Want to Deepen Your Relationship? Throw Out Your Stuff

Have you ever looked around your home and thought, “How did we get so much stuff?”

One of the most amazing parts of a marriage or long-term relationship is building a beautiful and loving home together. You want to fill your house with souvenirs from your vacations, pictures of your family, and furniture that will greet your guests with open arms.

Unfortunately, after years of accumulating “stuff” and “gadgets” and “things,” we tend to get lost in what we own. You don’t have to be a hoarder or have multiple houses in order to have too much stuff.

Sadly, having too much can hurt our relationships. Our “stuff” easily acts as a distraction from our relationship. We are so focused on getting a new car, sofa, or dining set that we forget about the living, breathing people around us.

Have you ever had a fight with your partner about buying some new must-have product?

Maybe it’s time to downgrade.

Many people have experienced the downward spiral of owning too much stuff, and some of them have decided to start a movement. Self-proclaimed “minimalists” try to only own stuff that is truly valuable.

This may mean only owning less than a 10 shirts, or sacrificing a second car. “Truly valuable” has a different meaning for everyone. Regardless, this movement is catching on, and many people who downgrade their possessions start to see how much more value they put into their relationships.

What to Do When You Have Too Much Stuff

It is not easy to transition to a minimalist lifestyle. We tend to make excuses for every piece of furniture and clothing we own. One of the most common excuses is “maybe if I need it for such-and-such occasion?”

But do these items add value to your life now?

Take some time this year to go through the things you own with your partner. What do you need? Which of your belongings has a purpose in your life? What is simply a distraction from the things that are important?

Get rid of anything that is not serving you or your relationship. Donate items to people or places in need, or simply throw them out. Do not replace anything. Make a commitment this year not to buy anything that won’t add value to your life or your marriage.

Once you start to shrink the amount of stuff in your home, you can focus more of your energy on each other. A more minimal lifestyle leads to deeper connections and relationships with those around you.

Want to know how you can go further in deepening your connection with your partner? Reach out to a Bend relationship coach.